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In the course of development of the program it is very important to find an optimum ratio of two purposes determined by two approaches to culture. On the one hand, the culture needs to be considered as self-valuable essence, i.e. material and spiritual habitat of the person, a condition of its development and self-realization. The design thinking in this case assumes understanding of culture as the complete object which is subject to preservation and reproduction and is guided by filling of missing places in cultural whole by means of creation of systems of support and restoration (for example, programs of a muzeefikation and preservation of cultural norms and ways of their broadcasting) creation of the optimum conditions promoting natural cultural development as the self-valuable phenomenon will be the Leading purpose of projects and programs in that case.

Both in the first and in the second case the project — it as if the local program focused on overcoming or different prevention of problems by substantial and structural changes in the sociocultural environment and in the main spheres of activity of the personality, creation of conditions of successful self-realization of the person due to optimization of his way of life, forms and ways of its interaction with Wednesday.