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The objective needs for management expressed through administrative interests generate and cause the administrative purposes. The purposes of management are fixed in administrative decisions - social acts in which in a logical form the actions of the operating links necessary for achievement of goals are expressed.

It is necessary for creation of "tree" of the purposes: to have the thought-over definition of the strategic (main) objectives, to carry out coordination of the purposes they supported and vzaimoobuslavlivat each other, to prove subordination of the purposes - realization of one purpose would become a source for another.

Construction actually "a tree is more whole" than GU. "Trunk" "is more whole than a tree - the strategic objectives connected with quality of society, its preservation and transformation. Share on: the quick - fix large blocks of actions; the tactical - define everyday, specific actions.

Public administration is the practical, organizing and regulating impact of the state on public activity of people for its streamlining, preservation or transformation relying on imperious force.

GU as difficult social phenomenon mnogoelementno and mnogomerno. GU is subjective, it a fruit of thoughts and actions of people, on the other hand objectively, is filled with objectively necessary contents (the purposes and functions) and has objectively expedient forms (structure and process).

Regional public institution - the moment of transformation of the purposes, tasks, the parameters designated in administrative decisions and actions in social practice; the drive moment by means of the operating influences of behavior and activity of people, their collectives, communities from one state in another. Objektivization - process of transformation of subjectivity of administrative decisions into objectivity of public activity. It characterizes: