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Tahiti Bar. Is right there, nearby. Here, besides vodka with a lemon and the house music, visitors waits for acquaintance to sight of bar – a sprinkling hose for lawns, from the guests which dancing, bathing and drinking pour ice water.

Fiesta Del Aqua - the only program on the island where the lower dance floor by the morning is filled with water - clothes aside and we dive! (in any case many and arrive). But! In advance we warn: in shorts you will not get to club. So if were going to have a really good time to the program, we advise imperceptibly to take with ourselves swimming trunks.

One of unconditional pluses of stay on this beautiful island is that where you were, near you always there will be one of mnochislenny excellent beaches or a lonely small bay.

Even in the most visited months, in July and August, any adherent of lonely rest will be able to find a lonely rocky bay with a strip of clean sand and attracting sparkling as diamonds, water where he will be able to swim in silence and loneliness.

When English DJs appeared in the late eighties on Ibiza and found out that it is possible to combine successfully house, funk, soul and disco and to receive from this new styles of a dance music - Balearic house, music of Balearic Islands was born.

Modern ambient is electronics in pure form. If you hear the slow, quiet and enveloping electronic music at total absence of a rhythm, most likely, it is ambient. Viscous electronic passages can draw in detail a melody. The remote gurgles, scraps of phrases, all this very often is present in ambient to music.

What magnificent feeling - the nobility that you can entertain yourself the most various occupations every day and never be engaged same twice if only you do not choose it, and to leave a lot of interesting on the following visit. Thanks to that Ibiza possesses an extensive network of new roads, one small trip will be able to bring you in any place. But to take pleasure in everything at once, you have to have a car even if you arrived for only some days. It is natural that opportunity to get a freedom of movement is completely achievable in this paradise!

By and large, these guys simply want to have fun! Their music gets from a half of turn if the crowd of that wishes. If you were tired - we change plates. They very well feel crowd and its mood. The guest and driving about on the island, feeling as in native UK, they remain one of the most favourite club characters of Ibiza.

Having become the resident in Amnesia, Pacha, Privilege and Space, Alfredo received the status of the legendary DJ not only on Ibiza, but also beyond its limits. Its sets are something. If you have an opportunity, surely listen to it alive. One of the best DJs of the world.

Self-locking device it is accepted to move in northern and sparsely populated part of the island where the wanderer wandering along the road has good chances to sweep to a nakhalyav. However, we do not recommend to you to abuse trust of happy car owners, as well as not to put ourselves at vain risk (especially, traveling in loneliness.

Be going to spend about 25-40 euros. On important events and vecherina get tickets in advance (do not buy privately, risk!). Flyers and free entrance tickets can be found in bars of San Antonio.

The area of the island of Ibiza makes about 574 square kilometers, and the extent of the island makes about 40km at 14km in width. Tiny Formentera totals only 82 square kilometers of the area.

The fine new club with a garden decorated in the Moroccan style. It is possible to have a rest under awnings or on sofas in the garden lit with candles or to dance inside with the local DJ of Tania Vulcano and other guests.

Be not lost, having for the first time got to Privilege. A huge dance floor, the fantastic atmosphere, some zones with music on all tastes - keep more strong, the beat goes on! There is a VIP-zone with the real VIP-guests, and also chill-out open-air.

On Ibiza DJs have an opportunity to try some novelties which they could not present in other countries, therefore, at the person who is hanging out on the island, a huge choice where to go and what to listen.