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In general programs of planning of a family as shows experiment of the certain countries, can play a certain role in maintenance of a standard of living in developing countries, but in itself they cannot make the poor country rich and is not even advanced it on some degrees on a development scale.

Economic and demographic growth. Usually for a of influence of growth of the population on economic development compare growth rates of the population, and GDP per capita. Data of the last decades show that behind a number of increase of level of economic development often corresponds to low coefficient of reproduction of a and higher life expectancy.

One of them recognizes that demographic are essential aspect social ­ developments. The following scheme is the cornerstone of this approach: rapid growth of the population lowers growth of savings and accumulation, increases growth of labor and complicates its use, lowers quality of a manpower due to decrease in level of expenses for education and health care, weakens technical innovations, reduces the volume of by one person and finally slows down GDP growth per capita.

We see that growth of the population is not identical in various subsystems of the world economy. The similar phenomenon forms a certain basis for maintenance of long ideas about the population and optimum economic growth. These ideas are usually connected with the population of the certain countries and, and in the last decades — with the world population. It gives an impulse to economists to analyze communication between growth of the population and economic development.

In demographic transition, or change of types of a of the population, it is possible to allocate four phases. For the first time to a phase decrease in mortality rate advances decrease in coefficient of birth rate. Therefore the coefficient of an increase in population increases to the greatest value. In industrialized countries this phase was complete to the of the XX century, but began in developing countries.