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Monks tried to hide the jewelry stored in a vestry, the most valuable jewelry from icons. Among silver copes from Iverskaya and other icons appeared security officers of things, it is a lot of gold crosses, miters, crowns, an ark, gold rings, brooches, about two poods of copper and gold coins, dishes, circles, incensories, Nikon's, a bowl (two of them with diamonds) and many other things.

In the XIX century the fencing was under repair and completed. For construction of new buildings material was taken quite often from old constructions. So, the huge northern part of a refectory was lost, all transitions on walls from South side ­ were destroyed. On northwest and southwest corners of a fencing there were two new stone towers — bad copies of wounded towers.

In the second half of the XIX century in southwest part ­ the big Xenial case was built. The one-storeyed building in a middle part had an extensive which face walls were stone, and lateral — wooden. Because of weak soil and bad construction underwent strong destruction.

Less than others basements, though many of them poluzasypana the earth and a construction suffered. Located steps (because of a steep slope a ravine, blocked by the korobovy arches, they intricate ­.

The building of a refectory is grandiose. It represents a two-storeyed construction in which the first, floor was taken away under various storages, and the second was occupied by the table hall and kitchen with subsidiary.

The considerable part of rooms from the North was sorted later. From them there was the western porch, the cellar where in the XIX century there was a smithy, and a narrow corridor on the second through which communication with kitchen was carried out.